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Feature Plans


Collection management for everybody



  • 1 image per object
  • 2 object groups (sets)
  • Basic support
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250MB collection space


Collection management for advanced collectors

9€ / month*

99€ / year*

8.25€ / month

  • 5 images per object
  • 15 object groups (sets)
  • Storage manager
  • Collection filter
  • Advanced list print
  • Label print
  • Personal email support
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2GB collection space

Any questions?

Do you have questions about plans and pricing? Will you need more space than two gigabytes? Are you looking for a custom subscription tailored for your needs?

Please send an email to support@colido.de

*all prices including VAT

All plans include

  • Customizable cataloging dialog
  • Sortable list- and gridviews
  • Powerful specimen search
  • Object grouping and sharing
  • Presentation mode: Showroom
  • Basic list print
  • Database import and export
  • Mineral database support by Lapis

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